Fabrication of bolt-on cutting edges, flame cuts and much more besides...

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Our strength lies in the individual machining of highly wear-resistant steels. We regard customer specifications and non-standard dimensions not so much as special requests but as daily challenges. Try us out!

Our workshop services include the following:
  • Fabrication of bolt-on cutting edges and weld-on blades 
    (standard sizes and non-standard sizes to customer specification)

  • Individual flame cuts and special steel working
    (made of highly wear-resistant special steel, 400-600 HB, possibly with subsequent machining on our CNC-controlled machining centre, including milling, drilling, countersinking, special countersinking for plough bolts and nip bolts, plus recesses, grooves and tapped holes)
  • Edging and rolling work

  • Fabrication of highly wear-resistant lining sheets for hard crushers
  • Fabrication of new screen plates for heavy-duty use
  • Fabrication of gravel blades for gravel washers
  • Wear-resistant linings for gravel mining and processing