VeRotool cast plates – a force to be reckoned with

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Everyone in the industry is familiar with the problem presented by breakages in quick hitch plates. For this reason, we have been on the hunt for the optimal solution for some time now.

An FME analysis has shown that the forces which are created by using a quick hitch in an excavator plate always affect the same surfaces, regardless of how the vector of force application is determined. Accordingly, a large surface is required in order to prevent the plate from tearing. Welding material onto the plate did not provide the best solution as this led to the weld seams absorbing the forces. However, we achieved considerable progress with our cast form:

the VeRotool cast plate has an integrated cover, is reinforced in the area most at risk, and only weighs around 50 kg. When measured, the maximum amount of force which was able to be applied until cracks began to form was 36 t (without guarantee). Thus, the cast plate achieves 2.5 times more stability than a traditional plate, which bore up to 14.4 t of force before cracking (without guarantee).

VeRotool cast plates are available for both buckets and demolition tools. These are now successfully being used in the field and have won popularity among many customers. When are you going to upgrade your equipment?