Turning old into new

There’s almost nothing that we can’t repair, refurbish or modify. Excavator buckets, grabs, loading shovels, demolition tools etc. leave the VeRotool workshop looking like new. Take a look for yourself:

Refurbishment of a crusher with an operating weight of 4 t

As a new part could no longer be delivered, this order required us to reconstruct the complete lower part of the crusher jaws, which had broken off due to overuse, from scratch. The lower part received additional reinforcement in those areas which are put under heavy strain during use. What’s more, all teeth were replaced.

Refurbishment of a Verachtert VTK 35 crusher

For this order, the front plate was completely replaced and the external contours restored. The tooth brackets were also refurbished, and a new wear parts set – consisting of ripper tooth, crusher teeth and HSS blade – was installed. What’s more, the wear surfaces were reinforced with DUR 600.

Refurbishment of a CAT 980 wheel loader shovel

This shovel is used to prepare blast furnace slag. Here, a reinforced shovel base was fabricated from Hardox 500 HB steel plate. The side walls were also replaced using the same material. The shovel received a new cutting edge and was equipped with new adapters and teeth (adapter 121700, teeth 112700).

Reproduction of a hammer housing

The complete fabrication of a new hammer housing in accordance with a sample specimen provided by the customer. The old hammer housing could no longer be refurbished. In this case, constructing a new one from scratch was the only profitable solution.