Repair work

Even the strongest and most resilient materials eventually wear out in the face of tough applications and extreme demands. But we can get them back up to scratch again! Trust in our expertise and let us whip your attachments back into shape.

What we offer:

  • Repairing, refurbishing and modifying excavator buckets, loader shovels and other attachments for earth-moving machines (wear-and-tear repairs, welding on new blades, cutting edges, wear strips or tooth adapters, replacing of teeth etc.)
  • Regeneration of demolition tools such as concrete pulverizers, sorting grabs, demolition hammers and scrap shears)
  • Additions and conversions of suspensions to accommodate quick-change equipment (e.g. Lehnhoff system, Verachtert, Oilquick, Liebherr, Wimmer, etc.)
  • Repair of booms, shafts, etc. (grooving, welding and reinforcing) 
  • Regeneration and rebuilding of machine elements in the recycling industry (wear-resistant linings, impact plates for impact mills and rotor crushers as well as wear linings for material guides, slides and chutes)
  • Regeneration of wear components for various demolition tools (refurbishment of ripper teeth, tooth plates and crushing bars)
  • General welding work
  • Hardfacing for wear protection
  • Unique modification work and special solutions according to customer requirements (e.g. volume change on buckets)