VeRotool today

Those who are familiar with the name VeRotool associate it with highly wear-resistant attachments for construction machines, reliable partnerships, top quality, and consistently forward-looking ideas.

Now in its second generation of management, our company is a well-established big name in the wear parts industry. Customer relationships which have been maintained for decades, continuous sales development, a growing number of employees and an ever-increasing range of products are just some aspects which demonstrate the success of our business strategy.

The production, storage and sale of the most diverse wear parts, as well as the repair of worn attachments, is complemented by an extensive range of services and forms part of our comprehensive approach to combating wear.

Important facts about us:

2locations encompassing more than 12,000 m2
34employees who attend to the needs of our customers
70the number of containers’ worth of goods which we import every year from abroad
180the number of truckloads of rolled sections which we relocate every year
950the number of tonnes of goods which are always in stock at both of our locations
1000%the amount of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION which we guarantee