A colourful philosophy

Our striking company colours reflect what defines us, what we offer and what is important for our customers.


is vibrant, versatile and returns year after year.
Green stands for renewal.

  • The green logo is a distinguishing feature for VeRotool.
  • The company is in its second generation of management.
  • We place particular importance on personal contact and in-depth exchanges with our customers.
  • Our products and services are very versatile. This ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Our entire offer represents renewal: new ideas, strong production, replacement for worn wear parts, the regeneration of worn attachments.


is hard, uncompromising and wise.
Grey means experience.

  • You can always rely on our know-how.
  • Our employees are experienced specialists.
  • We know what our customers need and develop intelligent, innovative and customer-specific solutions time and time again.
  • All our goods are produced from highly wear-resistant materials.
  • We offer reliable services ranging from consultation to other services.