Combating wear

Our experienced specialists are very familiar with the most varied of attachments and know exactly where their weak points lie. They get to work decisively, transforming old, worn tools into new and powerful equipment. Let yourself be convinced by our top-quality results.

Refurbishment of a backhoe bucket

Base edge replaced by rolled cutting edges
Side jaws made from highly wear-resistant 450 HB sheet metal partially replaced, base plate replaced
Tooth adapter from the CAT J-series welded on
Teeth from the CAT J-series installed
Wear strips with 500 HB hardness on the back of the bucket replaced

Refurbishment of a CATERPILLAR 980 wheel loader shovel, operating weight 32 t

Fabrication of a base plate and base edge for HD use
All parts made from Hardox 500

Refurbishment of a Verachtert VT50K crusher

Fabrication of a complete new front plate incl. ripper tooth
Wear parts kit replaced (10 x tooth 013 and 1 x ripper tooth 019)
Wear surfaces reinforced with DUR 600 hard coating

Refurbishment of a pair of Verachtert VT 40C combination shears

Removable set of jaws refurbished
Tooth bracket made from highly wear-resistant steel completely replaced
Blade brackets refurbished
Catch edges restored
Wear parts kit installed

Refurbishment of a 7-tonne pair of Verachtert VHS70 scrap shears

Front cutting tooth restored
Front plate/shear bar completely replaced
HSS replacement blade installed
Cutting edges adjusted
Wear surfaces reinforced with DUR 600 hard coating

Refurbishment of a Hydraram MK20 crusher

Outer edges restored through build-up welding
Tooth brackets refurbished
Slotted tooth 012 replaced
Wear parts kit (crusher tooth and HSS blade) installed
Wear surfaces reinforced with DUR 600 hard coating

Modification of a bucket’s quick hitch holding fixture

Refurbishment of an SB 2600 rope grab

Clamshells completely refurbished
Side jaws equipped with a web profile of 32.96 in the area prone to wear
500 HB cutting edge replaced
Bolt bearings on the deflector refurbished

Complete rebuild of the gripping dome for an orange peel grab

All highly wear-resistant steel receptor sites for bolts (450 HB) replaced
Bolt bearings tested for fit size using a spindle

Restoration of an excavator’s telescopic arm

Cracks repaired
Swivel head modified

Modifying a quick hitch holding fixture with VeRotool cast plates