Wear-and-tear repairs, refurbishment, welding work etc.

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We give your work tools a new lease of life!

We know all about the wear and tear that your tools are exposed to and what extended downtime can mean for you. We therefore work quickly and with extreme care. There’s practically nothing that we’re unable to repair, refurbish or modify for you. Highly stressed scrap shears, excavator buckets, grabs, loading shovels, concrete pulverizers etc. leave our workshop in a tougher state than ever before.

You’ll hardly recognize your battered parts when you get them back! 

  • Repair, refurbishment and modification of excavator buckets, loading shovels and other construction machinery equipment
    (Such as wear-and-tear repairs of backhoes and trencher buckets, wheel loader shovels, hydraulic grabs, welding on new blades, welding on tooth adapters, replacing hardfacing wear bars etc.)
  • Repair, refurbishment and modification of demolition tools
    (Such as welding on the teeth of concrete pulverizers, refurbishment of sorting grabs, scrap shears and demolition hammers)
  • Repair of booms, shafts etc.
    (Grooving, welding and reinforcement of cracks)
  • Fastening and modifying attachments for quick hitch devices
    (e.g. Lehnhoff, Verachtert, Wimmer, Liebherr systems etc.)
  • Refurbishment and modification of machine elements of the recycling trade
    (Wear-resistant linings, impact plates for impact mills and rotor crushers, and linings of material guides, slides and chutes)
  • Armouring as wear protection
  • General welding work